Crew girls!

Bailey strutting her stuff
Cast glaring at someone

Shane and Khristina handing out scripts
Jill telling Shane whats what

Hannah pleading with Khristina
Talking about the script

Allison giving her unwanted opinion
Jocelyn telling Natalie that she thinks she needs the lead part

Khristina telling Natalie she will keep her part
All the cast

Jill explaining her thoughts
Hannah taking notes

Khristina telling Rachel she has to dance on crutches
Khristina teaching the dance

Hannah doing the chicken dance
And pose!

Jocelyn telling the cast how it should be
Kurt busting a move

The boys attempt at dancing
Allison pleading with Shane

Zac and Allison dancing while a jealous Makayla looks on
Shane telling Natalie it will be okay

Vote for Jocelyn
Garrison and Kurt's reaction to Zac's singing

Rapping it out
Shane dancing unaware of the class watching

Allison not getting her way
Garrison telling Jocelyn she needs to chill

Khristina snapping those boys into shape

Sarah not sure she wants to dance
Allison stealing Zac

Zac dancing with Sarah
The final class dance