October 23-31 was National Red Ribbon Week. The mission of Red Ribbon Week is to lead and
support the nation's families and communities in nurturing the full potential of healthy, drug free youth. Creighton
NHS members provided daily announcements to warn students of the dangers of drug use. A jar of goldfish
was placed in the office. The fish provided the theme of the week, "It's o-FISH-al, drugs are not cool."
Students and staff were allowed to guess how many fish were in the jar in hopes of winning a prize.
Lunch time activities were also held which included toilet paper races, oreo-eating contests, and banana relays.

Each year the NHS raises funds for an area family. Last year, members sold raffle tickets for an iPad. The funds raised
given to the Lemke family to help ease the medical expenses that resulted from a farming accident. This year, the NHS
sold Valentine's Day pop to help alleviate the costs the Hart family incurred from medical complications. We would like
to thank Midwest Bank for their generous help and each member of the community to participated in the fundraiser.

Two seniors are selected to receive a $150 scholarship to be used towards covering college expenses. Members are
asked to work two concession stands in order to ensure that these scholarships are available for future members.