Coach Amy Siecke holds Coach Austin Pahl

Brooke Cooper delivers her poetry

Allison Morrill persuades the audience

Sarah Smith loves the human microbiome

Katy Dimmitt before she gives her poetry

Jennifer Liseo gives her inform speech

Garrison Hazen performs his piece

Noah Lilly entertains the crowd with his humorous prose piece

Brady Nelson prepares to give an informative speech

Anna Morrill informs listeners about containerization

Devika Hinzmann looks up from her poetry book

Jeanette Krueger presents poetry about loosing a family member

Five-Time wows spectators with his extemporaneous speech

Coach Amy Siecke and Coach Garret Carpenter discuss speech

Brook Baller delivers a serious prose on the life of Dorian Grey

Sheri Sorensen expresses the characters of her serious prose

Jill Rosas brings laughter with her humorous prose

Sam Morrill presents his entertainment speech

Sam pauses for a picture

2015 Creighton Speech Club

The Speech Club with their coaches

Seniors included Rachel Tauber, Sheri Sorensen, Sarah Smith, Natalie
Nielsen, Hannah Smith, and Allison Morrill

Seniors with their coaches

Natalie Nielsen speaks to the audience

Rachel is caught performing her humorous prose

Shane Asher and Hannah Smith were duet partners during the year